Preparations for factory inspection

Preparing your factory or plant for inspection is an important part of the SKS Kosher certification process. Follow these steps with our full professional guidance and support along the way:

1. Cleaning and tidying

A. Warehouse cleaning (including finished products, semi-finished library, library materials, etc.)
B. Production floor cleaning (including floors, walls, tables, operating tools, related equipment, etc.)
C. Preparing the field area, including the floor to maintain health (clean, items neatly stacked etc,)

2. Touring departments

Jewish Rabbis can facilitate the work of the plant with  specific knowledge of various departments (such as library materials, finished products, etc.) and can promptly find the relevant responsible personnel.

3. Factory operations

Kosher certification is mainly for raw materials and production processes. In order to allow the Rabbi to understand more fully the whole production process and technology operations, the factory should operate as normal on the day of the inspection.

4. Translation

When touring the plant,  a translator will be used to understand the production process and to avoud misunderstanding and unnecessary delays.

5. Communication

During the Rabbi’s inspection, the factory manager can keep in touch with any questions, to facilitate timely communication.

6. Pick up arrangements

A. Factory reception staff should meet SKS Kosher representatives at designated pick-up points with appropriate name signage.
B. Factory reception staff should take SKS Kosher representatives to designated locations.