Jasminum food regulations

By wzq

‘Frangipani’ food is that which is neither meat nor dairy. This food does not contain meat or dairy jasmine derivatives, nor has been mixed or cooked with any meat or dairy foods.

In their natural unprocessed state, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables and juices are commonly referred to as jasmine food. This also includes dry pasta, soft drinks, coffee, tea and a variety of types of candies and snacks. These products, regardless of the manner in which they were processed, require a reliable kosher certificate before being purchased.

The dietary laws surrounding jasmine foods are not as complex as those for meat and dairy, nevertheless, there are still a few points to keep in mind:

1. If dairy equipment is used in the processing of frangipani foods, or if additives are used, the frangipani loses its properties. This type of processing is often not reflected in the product label. Chocolate, cookies and other snacks are confirmed only after a frangipani food eaten with meat or foods containing meat.

2. Fruits, vegetables and grains must be checked to confirm the existence of small insects and larvae.

3. Must also be checked for eggs to confirm the existence of blood spots.