Pungent and spicy food

By qqq

Advances in the processing of food if adding spices and spicy foods such as onions, garlic, lemon and pickles will change the properties of food frangipani.

A carving knife used to cut spices and spicy food, then cuts out spicy and spicy food is considered to belong to the range of meat and dairy products can not be consumed with food. Vice versa.

If meat pots or utensils dedicated to processing irritating or spicy food frangipani, even if within the last 24 hours is not placed in overheated meat, nor washed with hot water together with meat dishes, the food is considered inedible with frangipani and dairy products. Vice versa, if the pot is a dedicated dairy pot, foods processed with jasmine and meat can not be eaten together. A Rabbi should always be consulted about the consumption interval  of such foods and how to properly use spicy foods.