Dairy regulations


All food made from milk or containing dairy products are considered to be, or referred to as ‘milchig’ (Yiddish). This includes dairy products including milk, butter, yogurt and various cheeses (hard cheese, soft cheese and cream cheese). Even if a food contains only small amounts of milk components it is considered to  be a dairy product. All dairy products need to follow the dietary laws for authentication and meet the following criteria to be considered kosher:

· Dairy products must come from kosher animals.

· All materials must belong kosher range, and does not contain any meat derivatives. Non-kosher dairy products commonly used materials of animal origin, such as rennet is used to make hard cheese yogurt sometimes contain gelatin butter may contain non-kosher additives.

· Dairy products must be processed on kosher equipment.

A variety of so-called ‘free milk’ candy, cereals and margarine often contain milk derivatives, some low-calorie sweeteners as well. Often in a variety of dairy product label materials has caseinate, lactose and whey.

Bread and dairy products containing materials are often problems on the dietary laws. In should be preceded by the purchase and use any bread containing milk ask Rabbi.

In accordance with the requirements of Jewish dietary laws, in dairy production process, from the beginning until the end of the milking process of production, must be kosher supervisor (mashgiach) or Jewish presence inspectors to ensure that the use of milk taken from Kosher animals. When you can not get by this regulation milk, some Jewish authorities allow the government to carry out appropriate checks, as used to protect the safety of milk (although not all countries have done so). In any case, everyone agrees that the implementation of effective regulation is indeed beneficial rather than harmful. Milk by this regulation, known chalav Yisrael

In Jewish tradition, the great emphasis on the importance of eating chalav Yisrael products, noting the non-edible products chalav Yisrael human spirit will produce harmful effects. Even in the case of very difficult to obtain chalav Yisrael products, many of the Jews, because they know the benefits of chalav Yisrael on their spiritual acumen, but also worked tirelessly to do everything possible to find chalav Yisrael products. Of course, where the product is easy to get chalav Yisrael, the Jewish dietary laws require people to eat only chalav Yisrael products.