Regulatory services


In regards to food processing,  many aspects such as preparation, baking, freezing, bottling and canning, etc. require careful supervision and management. Such supervision and management should be performed by an independent agency at the manufacturer’s expense.

Kosher supervision can be provided either by a state agency, who can also provide dietary laws by local committees, or Rabbi individuals. Most large organizations that regulate dietary laws have registered marks or logos which appear on product packaging. These marks or logos are confirmation that the organization has endorsed the product. (The ‘K’ mark is completely different, see below). Sometimes a Rabbi’s name only appears on the product packaging only, or the name of the kosher commission in a city.

Kosher certification is called the Jewish Certificate (Kosher). If an organization or individual is awarded a certificate of Jewish products, it is evidence that the food ingredients and manufacturing process meets the organization’s or individual’s dietary standards. However, not every Jewish certificate is trustworthy.

The letter ‘K': A ‘K’ logo appearing on a product label can not be fully representative of whether the product is kosher. A ‘K’ logo might represent dietary laws certification, but may also be part of the manufacturer’s own label, to claim that their products are kosher. To find out if a ‘K’ logo on a product is genuinely kosher you should consult the manufacturer. Also pay attention to newsletters published by the major certification bodies, which list the products under its supervision.